Quarter 1 Theme: Beauty In Nature (Results)

Landscape Category

1st Place: Yeo Wee Han

The heavy bout of rainfall the previous night meant that the shallow rivers of

Glencoe, Scotland was flooded and that was perfect for a pre-visualized image I had with Buchaille Etive Mor

in the background. A 6am rise was necessary to get into position which really was right in the water itself and

a gorgeous sunrise soon lit up the landscape.

2nd Place: Chan Wai Meng

3rd Place: Tan Chuan Yean

4th : Sim Yi Lin

5th : Lim Chuan Kwee

6th : Liew Tong Leng

7th : Chung Wan Ling

8th : Ng Kah Soon

9th : Deng Wei Zhong

10th : Guek Peng Siong

Underwater/Macro Category

1st Place: Katherine Lu

This pearl conch was shot at a muck site in Semakau Singapore. It is sometimes fished and eaten and

known locally as “gong gong”. I noticed this shell was different than other conch snails I had seen in the past. This one was

pearly and a beautiful white. I waited patiently and played peek a boo with this conch until I got this shot.

2nd Place: Lim Chuan Kwee

3rd Place: Allan Lee

4th : Mok Wai Hoe

5th : Partha Pratim Roy

6th : Tay Swee Yuan

7th : Liew Tong Leng

8th : Anthony Quek

9th : Thigh Wanna

10th : Liu Jianlin

Avian/Wildlife Category

1st Place: Jayaprakash Bojan

Cheetah –  Fire and smoke in the Savannah , One a cold winter morning safari in Masai Mara, Africa,I saw this cheetah scanning for prey in the morning golden light,

Went around to get a backlit image of the cheetah breathing into the air.

2nd Place: Bjorn Olesen

3rd Place: Loh Koon Fai

4th : Lim Chuan Kwee

5th : Chung Wan Ling

6th : Lim Sheau Torng

7th : Ng Kah Soon

8th : Low Mun Kit

9th : Lim Chien Hin

10th : Loke Peng Fai

Youth Category


1st Place: Han Xuan Yan

Common Kestrel was hunting for its lunch. Very often they would hover and look for their target.

Once they had spotted their target they would dive down at high speed to catch it. I was lucky

to be able to witness the hover action, but too bad no target had been spotted.

2nd Place: Parathanath Sabu Vaishagh

3rd Place: Goh Jun Hao Jason

4th : Nur Hidayat Bin Nur Elias Tan

5th : Mark Chia

Scoreboard as at end of Quarter One

Open Section


Youth Section

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Main Sponsor

We would like to thank CANON Singapore for being the biggest sponsor, without whom, this competition would not have been possible.





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